High-Speed Electric Nail Clipper 'Seemagic E2Pro' - takes good care of nails


Seemagic E2Pro Introduces Advanced Electric Nail Clippers

Before the invention of nail clippers, nails were shaved with scissors. It is not known exactly by whom at any given time, but Valentin Pogati's patent for improvement in 1875 is said to be the oldest. Shortly after the Korean War, Korean nail clippers became famous in the world market by cutting drum barrels and starting with manton nail clippers.

Recently, the market share of nail clippers is said to be the highest in China. The development of the technology is also steadily increasing, and the Xiaomi-funded Seemagic electric nail clipper is gaining popularity by grinding and managing the nails. Due to the growing number of analogues, SeaMagic is developing high-end products and introducing them through Indiegogo crowdfunding.

The new E2Pro comes with a touch of luxury in Zinc alloy. Electric nail clippers can quiet down nail grooming, and the biggest advantage is that the shaved nails don't scatter all over the place. Functions such as the use of smart motors and the ability to control the speed of 2 stages prevent injuries make it easy for children and the elderly to use. The time to care for both hand nails can also be as little as 1-2 minutes.

It is not always good to manage it electrically, but it is true that conventional nail clippers are dangerous. it is also not good for hygiene to splash here and there after the nails have been cut.

For players of instruments such as piano, violin and guitar, nail care is important. This is because if the nails that help with elaborate tasks are not well cared for, the sound of a musician's performance can be distracted. In addition, Seemagic E2Pro is useful for professions such as athletes, artists, doctors, nurses, chefs, etc. who need to manage their nails.

Nail clippers are an essential tool for everyday life, but they are uncomfortable, just as you don't currently use scissors as nail clippers. Seemagic E2Pro is a tool that allows you to quickly and safely manage your nails.

The Seemagic E2Pro combines traditional nail clippers and nail buffers. A powerful CNC-grade blade head is included to cut your nails more smoothly.

The Seemagic E2Pro is simple to operate with just one button. Press and hold the button for 6 seconds to turn on the power automatically, and you can control it at two speeds with the push of the button. The 6-second press may cause you to panic because the power is not working, but this is a Fool Proof-designed design to prevent it from turning on in a hurry.

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