Return & Refund


Order Processing Time: within 48 hours (except holidays)

Order Cancellation: Customers can cancel the order for free within 24 hours after placing the order or before shipping

Time to receive your Refund: Usually within 3 working days, depending on your payment method, please contact for more details


Return & Exchange:

  1. Conditions of return

(1) Return period: 30 days after receipt of the goods for no reason to return, please contact the email for consultation after the specified time

(2) Circumstances for return and exchange:

There is a problem with the product itself, including but not limited to damaged, dirty, inconsistent with the description, delayed shipping, etc.

(3) Returns need to provide information:

  1. Order number
  2. Shipping address
  3. Product pictures/videos (need to clearly display the product and packaging)


  1. Return process

Step 1: Log in with your account and send an email to the customer service email address; we will process the return request within 3 working days and give a reply with the processing result

Step 2: After the customer receives the response of the processing result, if the product needs to be returned, please send the product within 3 working days and send an email to inform the tracking number

Step 3 (if exchange): After receiving the return, we will arrange the new product to be sent out and update the tracking number within 1 working day


  1. Return address: we offer the local warehouse for return, please send an e-mail to ask for the correct return address.


  1. Return shipping fee

(1) The customer bears the freight:

  1. The customer applies for a refund before receiving the goods after delivery
  2. Returns due to customer reasons include products that are not liked for personal reasons, not applicable, etc.

The customer will be responsible for the return shipping. Please inform the tracking number and carrier by email in time after delivery.

(2) The website bears the freight:

  1. The shipping delay exceeds the delivery time and the customer no longer needs the item
  2. The product received by the customer is damaged, faulty, or does not conform to the product description on the page.
  3. Customers are required to provide clear product pictures and packaging pictures

The website is responsible for the return of the freight, please contact the after-sales mailbox to ask for a prepaid label, and send the product to the designated location or inform the pick-up time in advance; if the customer needs to pay the freight in advance, please keep the relevant invoice and contact the after-sales mailbox, freight It will be returned to the paypal account provided by the customer within 7 working days


  • Note

The website is responsible for the return of the freight, and other expenses incurred, including but not limited to taxes, shall be borne by the website; if the customer bears the return of the freight and other expenses incurred, the customer can contact the after-sale service and the two parties negotiate



  1. Refund amount

(1) Application of full refund

  1. The product is damaged and cannot be used
  2. Product lost in transit
  3. The electronic product fails within 3 months of receiving the goods under the condition of correct use

(2) Applicable situations for partial refunds:

  1. Additional accessories are missing, but do not affect the use
  2. There are slight defects on the product packaging or surface, but it does not affect the use
  3. Delivery delays caused by the carrier and the customer did not apply for a refund

For part of the refund amount, please contact the after-sales email, and attach a clear product picture or video


  1. Refund process:

(1) For some refund applications, after receiving the product pictures or videos provided by the customer, the customer service will operate the refund within 2 working days and provide the refund certificate.

(2) For returned products, we will refund and provide refund certificate within one working day after receipt

(3) If no refund is received

  1. Please contact customer service, provide the order number and the account number to receive the refund, we will update the latest progress within a job
  2. Customer service feedback has been refunded but still not received, please contact customer service of your receiving account to confirm


After-sales contact information

Tel: +86 18363906971


Return&Exchange Adrress: Please contact customer service for details

Note: For any return application, be sure to contact the official with the contact email first. Any returns or exchanges without prior request will not be accepted.